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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yellow Headlights: Repair & Preventing

Over time, the plastic headlamps on many Thunderbirds and Cougars wear out. Sun exposure and broken seals lead to corroded sockets, worn reflector mirrors, and discolored lenses. The result is dim, ugly headlights which detract from the appearance of your car.

It is possible to improve the appearance of discolored lenses without replacing the entire assembly, although the headlamps can be replaced for a reasonable cost. Replacement is also the only option for damaged reflectors. Sources for new units include eBay and supercoupeperformance. The lenses of new headlamps can be protected from harmful sun exposure by using lens covers, UV protectant wax (303 Aerospace or Zaino), or even sealant.

If moisture has corroded the wiring to your headlamps, you can purchase an upgraded wiring harness from Competition Limited, or from a private party as a used part. The upgraded harness also allows safely increasing the output of our stock lighting system.


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