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Friday, February 10, 2006

Protecting the Interior of your Thunderbird

As a Ford Thunderbird or Mercury Cougar owner, you see your interior more than any other place on your car. A well kept interior improves the atmosphere of your car, allowing you focus on and enjoy the driving experience. Fortunately, keeping your interior like new for years or even decades is easy with modern car care products.

Several major culprits cause damage to our interiors.

  • Sun causes fading and cracking of plastic, vinyl, and other exposed surfaces.
  • Water enters through worn seals or from occupants causing various damage including rot, mold, and rust.
  • Pollutants like dust and smoke residue cause dirt buildup, degradation of soft surfaces, and odor.
  • Spills and debris from occupants such as food or mud can leave tough stains and sticky residue on carpet, upholstery, and just about any other surface.

Over time, the damage caused by these factors becomes irreversible. While restoration to some extent is possible, prevention is always the best cure. These are a few of the companies producing safe and effective products for interiors:
  • 303 Products
  • 3M
  • BTI Chemical (Plexus
  • Meguiar’s Inc
  • Sonus
  • Summit Industries (Lexol)

The following surfaces can be easily and entirely protected with these products:

Carpet & Cloth
303 Cleaner & Spot Remover - Biodegradable colloid cleaner, leaves no residue
EagleOne Zap Spot Remover - Cleans difficult stains of various types
3M Scotchgard - Sealant to repel oil & water based stains

Lexol ph - Loosens & suspends dirt for better cleaning while maintaining ph balance
Lexol Leather Conditioner - preserves & lubricates without chemical solvents

303 aerospace protectant - Complete UV protection (cracking, fading), repels foreign debris, safe and useful on most surfaces
plexus - safely cleans, usable on tint, creates antistatic coating which resists debris, oil, scratches, and yellowing

Vinyl & Rubber
Lexol Vinylex - cleaning, UV protection, restores plasticizers to reduce cracking
Meguiar's #40 - cleaning, UV protection, faded color restoration

While new and useful products are constantly being created, these have earned a significant following among owners of all kinds of cars.


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